Scientific literary reviews – Prelude

We have all experienced this. You’re studying and during your studies you write some essays or papers that barely anybody reads – except the author (i.e. you), the lecturer and maybe one or two proofreaders. Although I have admittedly written comparatively few of these, a while ago a question crept up.

What if I present some of these works on this blog? Of course I am aware of the fact that most student essays and papers are scientifically irrelevant and in the worst case outright not good. I nevertheless arrogate so much self-confidence to myself as to publish some of the in my eyes more interesting works. It should be restrictively added, though, that these are usually just literary reviews in my case.

Multilingua franca

Sprechen Sie Englisch? After I inconspicuously put the announcement to make this blog multilingual in one of the comments, I am hereby keeping this promise. Specifically, I now adapted this blog to two languages, German and English. By clicking on the language switcher in the menu you can easily change the active language. All text fields (menu, sidebar etc.) will then be displayed in the corresponding language.