A View on Tokyo

View on Tokyo.

Even though today is not Thursday, I would like to present two photographs from my time in Tokyo. The photograph above – optimally, open it in a new window/tab by right-clicking and enjoy all the details – shows the nice view on the city you have from the Mori Tower in 六本木 Roppongi. You can see – one closer, the other further away – the two landmark towers of Tokyo, the red Tokyo Tower and the slightly higher Tokyo Skytree.

The building I was standing on to take that photograph can be seen below. It is unfortunately quite expensive to get up to the observation deck (and even more expensive to get to the roof), but at the very least the entrance fee to the Mori Art Museum is included in that price. Furthermore, in the complex around that building called Roppongi Hills, the 東京国際映画祭 Tokyo International Film Festival is held every year, which I attended on one evening.

Although the area of Roppongi is quite American and touristy (going for drinks and partying is very popular with foreigners there), I can still only recommend going there!

The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.


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