The Man Who Mistook His Computer for a Book: Portrait of a Student

It’s this time of year again, the blog has aged another year. And just like last year, there shall be a recapitulation of what I have read during these past twelve months. Again, the books listed are those that have appeared in the “Current Literature” tab in the sidebar. This time, however, I want to keep it short – just like the table, unfortunately.

As you can see below, I have not read that much in the past year. And where I complained last year that I had read too little, this year’s result is a wholly underperforming one compared to last year’s.

The reasons for that are easily identified. Where I was travelling most of the remaining last months of my stay in Japan in the past year, I have been almost constantly working since I got back to Germany: two positions as a research assistant alongside seminars and lectures, of which last semester “software engineering” was quite time-consuming, and where I now have my bachelor’s thesis.

Apart from that, I spent some time preparing for prospective projects and conferences; this weekend, for example, I will be in Leiden in the Netherlands for a conference called “Digital Research in East Asian Studies: Corpora, Methods and Challenges”.

But this has led me to read a lot of other things that were not included in this table. These include – apart from literature and papers for university – mainly programming reference works like JavaScript: The Definitive Guide or C++ Cookbook. Furthermore, I have read a lot in Networks by Mark Newman and worked myself through the book Building Single-Page Web Apps with Meteor.

And now, have fun with the table!

Title Author(s) Genre Pages Rating
Black Star Over Japan: Rising Forces of Militarism Albert Axelbank Political science  240 7/10
Japan before Perry: A Short History Conrad Totman Historical science 246 7/10
ダーリンは外国人 小栗左多里 Manga 160 8/10
A Russian Journal John Steinbeck & Robert Capa Travel and photo literature 240 9/10
ダーリンは外国人2 小栗左多里 Manga 165 7/10 
Rabbit, Run  John Updike  Classic  288 10/10 
Das große Heft  Agota Kristof  Contemporary literature 163 10/10 
Zero Degrees of Empathy: A new theory of human cruelty  Simon Baron-Cohen  Psychology 208 7/10 
Mephisto. Roman einer Karriere  Klaus Mann  Classic 400 10/10 
Stiller  Max Frisch  Classic  448 10/10 
Discourse Processing  Manfred Stede  Computational Linguistics  155 9/10 
Die Galeere  Ernst Weiß  Modern literature  198 5/10 
ヰタ・セクスアリス 森鴎外 Modern literature 256 7/10
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller Play 112 9/10
Vom Nachteil, geboren zu sein Emil Cioran Aphorisms/Philosophy 166 6/10
The Road Cormac McCarthy Contemporary literature 287 10/10



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