It’s time for announcements again! Today, I will be briefly talking about three more or less new things on this blog that I deem worthy of mentioning. They are by no means any outstanding new functions of this blog but sometimes small changes are sufficient. So, let’s start at the top.

1. Taking up what I already mentioned in my last post, I will just repeat the fact that the virtual catalogue of my library is now accessible through this blog (under https://bibliotheca.litterraincognita.de).

2. Furthermore, based on a change I did to the gallery page a while ago, there will be some posts from now on as well that will be displayed full-width,  i.e. without the sidebar. I debuted this gimmick with one of my most recent posts (see born@shell), but maybe I will change some photo posts retrospectively to make them visually more appealing.

3. Last but not least, I have the announcemment to make that there now exists an “About me” page. This page serves to introduce me and maybe guide some new readers to what this page and what I am about. Since I talk there about my academic background as well, this page is a kind of promotional page of myself, not least because it is said in academia that you should present yourself as overly qualified.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good place yet to place the URL, so for the time being it will sit in the footer of my blog.

By the way, the title of this post, whoami, is the name of command taken from the shell world. There, it simply prints out your username. Having said this:

$ whoami

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