¿Donde Está La Biblioteca?

Oh, Community clips are always great. But this is not what this post is about. It’s about the announcement that I made my catalogued library public (which was mentioned here). It is accessible via the URL bibliotheca.litterraincognita.de (how creative!) whereas the Latin name allows me to have one “universal” reference name for both English and German – although the actual online catalogue is only in German at the moment. I’d have to take a closer look at the .html template again at some point.

Furthermore, the link is permanently positioned in the sidebar to your right along some information on my library (interesting, but useless – and not very accurate). The virtual library is sorted by author, but you can not search through it (although I find it quite intuitive and simple enough at the moment).

The online library is not synced to my local catalogue, though, i.e. in case of an addition or modification I’d have to export and upload the catalogue again manually – maybe there is a better way. But as long as things don’t change too drastically, I won’t update the digital library after each new acquisition, but only sporadically.

In the next months, then, I will also take a look at completing some of the missing information, e.g. the summaries. Many of the existing summaries come from Amazon, because I added the metadata of the books via an Amazon search (this also explains the links hidden beneath the titles). It is not supposed to be any kind of advertisement. Bookpedia, the program I use on my local machine, has at some point removed the ability to search through Amazon, so newer entries don’t have these links anymore.

Anyway, to briefly summarize: have a look at my library if you have the time and are interested in it. I am open to any suggestions, comments and questions!


P.S.: I know I could have done more to adapt the design of the virtual library more to the design of my blog…

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