Battles Without Honor and Humanity

Due to a lacking topical alternative, I hereby decide to definitely announce the upcoming post. It will be a text on the perception of yakuza in contemporary Japan. The reason for the definite announcement is that I was planning to publish this article quite some time ago, but since always felt that I needed to post something of a different kind before this one. Well.

I started to prepare this article – which is based upon a seminar paper I finished in February of last year – in September for this blog; and I was finished by December with it. At this time, the desire to publish the article grew stronger because apart from the fact that the more I read the text, the more insight-less I found it to be (OK, now I got used to that), there were circumstances that made the yakuza overly present in media again. These were the following.

In the end of August 2015, the 山口組 Yamaguchi-gumi, the biggest yakuza syndicate in Japan, expelled 13 of its member clans [1] and thus created some furor amongst rivaling gangs. Although the split hasn’t escalated yet, it cannot be said that it went down completely harmonically, either. [2]

Thus, the upcoming post might be a little outdated – because it doesn’t include any sources on the split – but I hope that it contains some interesting information for some of you.






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