Star Wars, Sweden and more

Because there have been too many Star Wars-related things previous to the release of the new movie that I cannot keep track of, I’ll just try my best to list some of the nice oddities here. Before the hype train leaves in hyperdrive or so. And I would like to start with a Swedish trailer:

OK, it’s not so much a Swedish trailer as it is a sweded trailer. The phenomenon of sweding goes back to the 2008 movie Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black and Mos Def. There they become temporary owners of a VHS rental store but because they inadvertently delete all the movies from the tapes they start to reshoot movies on their own. In order to justify the late availability of the movies they are reshooting, they come up with the story that the tapes have to be delivered from Sweden. And thus their movies were sweded.

And this sweded trailer is fantastic and especially the ‘music’ is awesome! You can also watch the sweded trailer in a side-by-side comparison with the original.

May the Force (and Time) be with you

For all of you who have too much time over the next days, here are videos and links relating to Star Wars. Because Star Wars.

Maybe you’ll begin with a vacation on Endor?

Adele’s title song:

When natural sciences instead of the stars are at war [via:]:

Jimmy Fallon in his Late Night Show sings the music a cappella with the cast and his band:

The influences on and of Star Wars:

When you watch the previous six movies simultaneously…
A literary (and very long) analysis of Episodes I-VI.

Episode IV read wrongly [via:]:

Episode V read wrongly:

Episode VI read wrongly:

A real lightsaber:

Harrison Ford answers a rather long fan question:

From the same show: Conan O’Brien on characters not in the new movie:


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