What’s new – Home Improvement

In the past few days, I changed some small and subtle things on this blog. Without going too much into all the details, I’ll just list them up here:

– The blog now has a favicon! It’s nothing spectacular and it’s not yet optimal, but I think it’s sufficient for the beginning. Firefox for example shows it in tabs, Safari shows it little bigger in the favorites list and on mobile devices you can drop a bookmark with the logo onto your homescreen.
– What nobody notices: I now have a page with my public PGP key for my blog mail address (oh, yeah, it’s this: info[at]litterraincognita.de).

– The gallery is a little bit more generous in its layout, with more space for the photographs (i.e. I removed the sidebar). Furthermore, all the images are now displayed in the original aspect ratio (and not in the squared default) so that you have an idea as to how the photographs are framed prior to clicking on them to enlarge them.
– Links to photographs and youtube videos will now be displayed in a FancyBox, without having to leave this site! Woo Hoo!
– And lastly, I did some rudimentary SEO and activated caching, for example. The pages should load faster now.


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