As mentioned, it’s raining now. I have to add, though, that it’s already raining since last night and in huge amounts, by the way (cats-and-dogs style). So I thought it would be best to listen to some music and upload one of my pieces again:

The above piece may be unusual to some extent; I would describe it (depending on the situation) as alluring, contemplative, or even uncoordinated. The piece is completely improvised and was part of an older project. I recorded it, I believe, in 2010.

Apart from the joy of experimentation, I wanted to illustrate that in the moment you perceive a note, – to exaggerate a bit – the next note already is being played (since sound waves need some time to reach your ear). This is basically the same as with light because e.g. you only see the sun how it was eight minutes ago and thus the parallelism of your perception and the object is a distorted one.

You usually don’t notice (and/or care about) this, so I had the idea to experiment with a delay effect in order to visualize this (admittedly barely perceivable) flow of notes better.

Finally, a question: when does it stop raining? When the last drop of rain has fallen out of the cloud or when the last drop of rain has fallen on the ground? And, in the second case, does that mean that it stops raining earlier for people on rooftops than for people on the streets?

Parallelism is a matter of perspective as non-Euclidean geometry has taught us.


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