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For a change of pace here’s a somewhat extensive selection of interesting articles and videos regarding all kinds of things. I hope that everybody will find something to his or her liking!


– In light of current events since it just became a World Cultural Heritage site: a little bit on the history and background on the controversy of 軍艦島 Gunkanjima (“battleship island”).

Who ever wanted to call a 3.8 meter high and 5 tons heavy robot his own… Currently sold out, but it was recently priced at 120 Mil. Yen (ca. 970,000 USD). A Video:

Girls in school uniform singing government-critical songs? This idol group seems to be existent since 1992 and released an anti-nuclear power song in 2011 (very catchy):

It’s funny coz it’s racist. The long lost original of (the original of) The Office:


– Nice article highlighting China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy, i.e. establishing an extensive network in Eurasia and other parts of the world.

– Even if some assumptions and conclusions are debatable (e.g. regarding “peaceful coexistence” with Taiwan, see here at the end), in general an interesting take on China’s activities in the South China Sea.

Politics in general

– Also in light of recent events: crowdfunding Greek bailout.

– Interesting article on the history of gun control in the US. It reminded me of the following Daily Show‘s classic: 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Science, philosophy and art

– Very nice and extensive article on Robert Frank and his work.

When philosophers break up…

– A critical reexamination on what the Stanford Prison Experiment actually showed us.

– Surgeon announces to attempt world’s first head transplant.

– Actor Colin Firth once co-authored a study that showed a correlation between political orientations and brain structure.

– And finally a fucking neat cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It” on acoustic guitar [via: langweiledich.net]:


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