Scientific literary reviews – Prelude

We have all experienced this. You’re studying and during your studies you write some essays or papers that barely anybody reads – except the author (i.e. you), the lecturer and maybe one or two proofreaders. Although I have admittedly written comparatively few of these, a while ago a question crept up.

What if I present some of these works on this blog? Of course I am aware of the fact that most student essays and papers are scientifically irrelevant and in the worst case outright not good. I nevertheless arrogate so much self-confidence to myself as to publish some of the in my eyes more interesting works. It should be restrictively added, though, that these are usually just literary reviews in my case.

There will thus be the new category “Studies” under which the aforementioned works will be published. Furthermore, other, not necessarily university-related, (pseudo)scientific works of mine will end up there as well.

This whole thing will be initiated with a short paper on the perception of the regional security situation from the Japanese viewpoint. This paper was written in English but there are already posts on this topic on this blog in German, so if you can’t read German, then you can just ignore the references to these posts.

Although this is a short paper, it should be noted that, as I mentioned before, not all posts will be written in two languages so these university works will be – except when they were written in Japanese and I have to translate them – uploaded only in the language they were written in and will not be translated. Especially considering that some of them are a little bit longer…


P.S. One post that is already on this blog is actually based on a presentation I gave in my Japanese class, so it will be categorized accordingly in the new category (see here).

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