Gravity’s Rain

Something hymnal. Something that is melodic, solemn and that at the same time contains a ‘hard’ component. This is what I had in mind when I started composing this piece, Gravity’s Rain. Named like this for a couple of reasons, the most important is that I wanted to evoke the image of an ever-resounding force that promises us more but ultimately keeps us back.

The main element of this is the central arpeggio line that starts off acoustically and gradually transitions into distorted powerfulness. The complex arpeggio line was furthermore supposed to give the rhythm guitar a more melodically supporting but also distinctly accompanying character. By doing this I wanted to avoid this piece to end up just as a ballad.

The whole piece is framed by a simpler arpeggio line that rings weightlessly in acoustic space – and through this very framing it lends the whole thing a parabolic character –, with a mysterious note in the reprise. Where this rain originates?

There has been a time I was musically more active than today. This is, however, mostly because I did not once take up a guitar since my arrival in Japan. And while I initially planned to recombine older ideas and extend them on my computer, this has barely been done as well due to my other activities.

But when, with joyous astonishment, I listened to some of my older (recorded) compositions again (this one is from 2013) I decided to share them with you because music has always played an important role in my life.


P.S. To be continued…

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